Saturday, June 6, 2009

More on LiveAccess

One of the big developments you'll see this season on and sites throughout the WNBA is the ability to watch many webcasts of many games live through LiveAccess. With this feature debuting across the league today, I wanted to explain things a little more clearly. During Storm games, you can go to our LiveAccess page (which will also be linked on the homepage in the top story) to get to LiveAccess. You will need a user name, which is completely free and easy to register.

For a handful of games, live video will not be available through LiveAccess. The five Storm games that are on FSN (including Opening Night tomorrow) will be blacked out locally, so look for your TV and not your computer in those games. The two Storm games that are televised nationally on ESPN2 will also not be available on LiveAccess, though they can be streamed through if your cable provider gets you access to that site.

Lastly, any game that is in a national broadcast window, including today's season opener at Sacramento, will not be available live, though you can watch an archived version of the game after it has been played. So for today, your options are listening to the game on Alternative Talk KKNW 1150 AM or hearing that radio broadcast live on You can also chat live with me during the game here on

I hate to spend so much time focusing on the exceptions because either a webcast or TV coverage will be available for virtually every game this season, which is a terrific development that should enhance the fan experience. I do want to make sure everyone is clear on the parameters, so let me know if you still have any questions.


LeoGHenton said...

Just discovered this feature. Want to say a big "Thank You" (again) to Force-10 for making it all happen.

I'm going to enjoy the feature. I'm also going to try to explain it to my 85 year old father on the Dry Side (Eastern Washington). Do you think it will work with a NetBook for him?

Unfortunately he hasn't been over to see a Storm game live since Game 2 of 3 of the Championship run. Note: He enjoyed that more than seeing Games 3 & 4 of Detroit over L.A. IN 1989 at the Forum.

I'm looking forward to the 2009 Home Opener. I think the team play is better than what comes from that other league that will be on the tube an hour earlier.

I digress, but you get the idea.

Leo Henton

Seattle, WA 98118

Jodie said...

G'day from Australia. Great to see our "Aussie team" in Seattle on the webcast. Archive let's us watch those daytime games at a sensible time. Looking forward to the live webcasts soon. Looks like we will get at least 2 regular season games on TV over here as well. Go Seattle! Cheers Jodie