Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Finals Matchup Set

So it will be the Detroit Shock (as many people predicted entering the season) and the Phoenix Mercury (as few people predicted) playing for the 2007 WNBA Championship. My impression is this should be a very entertaining matchup, and I don't have a pick yet pending my research for my Finals preview (which should be up later today).

There's interesting stories with the losers. I've been a San Antonio hater all year, honestly, first doubting how much good their off-season additions would do and then questioning their mediocre point differential. In the end, however, the Silver Stars were very impressive despite being swept, and put together something of a blueprint for beating the Mercury - even if they weren't ultimately able to execute it.

Indiana's defeat is much more tragic because of the Achilles injury suffered by Tamika Catchings. Who knows how the game might have gone had Catchings been able to go the entire way. The Fever hung tough during the third quarter without Catchings, but Detroit's advantage in talent was too much to overcome. That's tough luck for the Fever, which was more than talented enough to win it all.

Ah, well. For everybody except Detroit and Phoenix ... wait 'till next year.

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